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Oxanabol (or the original name Oxanabol)

is manufactured by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals. This drug is an oral steroid, which is based on Oxandrolone. Initially, the product was designed for children and women, with this is associated with its “smooth” effect on the human body.

The pharmacological market saw this drug in 1964. At that time, its manufacturer was the firm Searle Co (America). The drug was needed by patients with osteoporosis to stimulate growth. In addition, doctors used the supplement to restore skin after burns, to strengthen bone tissue and ligaments, as well as to treat patients with Turner syndrome.

Oxanabol, is a synthetic steroid with a fairly high anabolic index, while its androgenic activity, on the contrary, is low (25% of the testosterone index). This predetermined the love of track and field athletes for this drug, the use of which does not lead to a noticeable increase in muscle mass, but the strength and speed indices are maximised.

The following effects can be observed from the use of Oxanabol:

– A slight increase in muscle mass;

– Noticeable increase in muscle strength;

– Activation of fat cell burning processes;

– Increased generation of somatotropin (growth hormone).

The structure of Oxandrolone is similar to dihydrotestosterone (officially, it is its derivative), with the difference being one atom in the second position – an oxygen atom is added instead of a carbon atom. It is this difference that has added increased anabolic and decreased androgenic activity to the drug.

Consumption of the product

Oxanabolone should be taken in a course in combination with other drugs to improve the relief of muscles. As practice has shown, solo intake does not bring any effect. In terms of duration, the reception of the steroid drug should last from 1.5 to 2 months.

The scheme of reception is recommended staggered: start with 20 mg per day, slowly increasing the amount of the drug to 80 mg in three doses per day.

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