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Anavar (Oxandrolone) is the most user friendly oral I have ever performed.

I absolutely love Anavar, while at the same time it is comparable to other dht. I find it pretty unique, if anything, because it’s pretty much totally perfect for me.

So it has no side effects that I noticed in any way. So a totally weird feeling when you know you’re taking in steroid and no negative side effects show up.

The only thing you notice though is how suddenly the strength increase. Pretty good strength gains on it, as someone else said is good but not huge.

Where Var really shines is the quality of muscle mass you retain. You can expect to retain up to 90% of it.

But here’s why I personally favour Var as one of my favourites. “The Look The hard-grained, dense look that Anavar gives is like no other. Not a watery or greasy appearance like Testosterone and also the “super hero” Dianabol and Anadrol. Which do show extremely huge strength and weight gains. The shock and depression after stopping Dianabol is spared in any case with Anavar.

What remains with Anavar is the amazing body that looks so healthy and cosmetic that just really drives women crazy. Var makes you look hard and dense, adds vascularity and also makes you look much fuller. I also notice that I am always pumped up when I am on Anavar. I compare Anavar to a mild primo because it gives you a primo statue look.

Some people say if you take Tren, Anavar together it’s pointless, but I disagree. Even with a gram of Tren in your blood, 100 mg of Anavar will make anyone look harder and fuller and the end look is the quality most want when bodybuilding and fitness joins life.

Just don’t set huge and impossible goals and expectations. If you’re overweight and may be just working out for three weeks visible changes will not be easy to notice.

The absolute best way to really evaluate Anavar for its full potential is with a strict diet and already a low body fat percentage! Building muscle and changing hardness with Anavar is absolutely the best quality possible.

Primo (Primobolan Ace) is the other steroid with mild properties that can come close to Anavar. However, Primo comes with a feature that can make it not as perfect as Anavar. I will write about that in another article.

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