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The anabolic and androgenic drug Oxanprimefrom Eminence Labs is a steroid based on the active ingredient Oxandrolone, which can only be purchased in tablet form. It has been on the market since 1964, was developed by the chemical company Serle Laboratories under the name Anavar and was first introduced to the market. Shortly after its first debut on the market, the drug is actively manufactured by many pharmaceutical companies around the world, while each laboratory produces a drug under its own brand: Xanodrol, Oxadrin, Oxanabol and more. The first successes were achieved in medical applications, the drug shows well in treating anaemia, Turner syndrome, perfectly restores skin after burns, strengthens bones and has the ability to fight HIV infections. Oxanprime entered the ranks of sports pharmacology after some time,

The low androgenic rating allowed Anavar to become a popular steroid for women. The drug is completely safe for them. Of course, if the permissible doses are not exceeded. For this reason, the drug was given the name “the female steroid”.

How effective is the intake of Oxanprime?

– It is able to improve the quality and definition of the muscles. This is the real purpose of taking the drug for bodybuilders. With Oxanprime, athletes only get dry muscles without water retention and fat storage;

– It raises the strength, endurance and lightness of an athlete to a high level. The drug is increasingly in demand among boxers, track and field athletes, cyclists and other “light” sports;

– It has fat-burning abilities (due to stimulation of the pituitary gland to release extra growth hormone ).

The drug is also known for its effectiveness in athletes for whom strength indicators are important without changing their weight class. And since the time of substance elimination from the body is only 6 weeks, competitive athletes often take it in pre-competition classes.

It is important to note that oxandrolone is ineffective for weight gain. From a financial point of view, the drug is not very affordable for this purpose as the price of Oxanprime is quite high, on this basis we have given the luxury of its properties for the specific use.

How to take an Oxandrolone Solo Course

It is worth noting that the drying effect only affects athletes whose fat tissue percentage in the body does not exceed the norm. People who struggle with obesity, the drug does not bring tangible results, so do not encourage yourself to choose this as the best option. For this purpose, you can find other suitable medicines in our shop.

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